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Mooring and Dock Rentals

Rates for Mooring Rental (all rates include HST)

Please refer to our 2023 Rate Summary Sheet for details.


Reservations / Refunds

Additional Notes:

  1. Seasonal and monthly moorings include any marina-focused summer festival but regular mooring users may be asked to agree to 'raft up' during festival.

  2. The marina 'day' is a 24 hour period beginning at 1200 and ending the following day at 1159. Transient boaters should plan their arrival and departure accordingly in consideration of others who have arranged for the mooring. The marina month is from 1200 on day 1 of any given month to 1200 on the last day of that month or a period of four consecutive weeks. The marina week is from 1200 on day 1 to 1200 on the seventh consecutive day.

  3. Payment by cheque made payable to the Mahone Bay Civic Marina. Alternately we can accommodate VISA, Mastercard or debit payments if you prefer. Prospective renters can choose to provide their card number on the registration form OR arrange a phone call to marina staff as a more secure means to complete the transaction. In any event, the registration is not complete until the fees are paid.

  4. Boats using the dinghy/tender dock limited to 16' in length with an outboard of not more than a 20 hp, if so equipped. It is intended that boats registered to use the dinghy/tender dock are in fact a tender to a boat using a mooring in the bay. Stand alone boats are considered as 'dry sail' boats and will be directed to the slipway or launch ramp or other docking facility if available as will otherwise note dry sail boats

  5. Any vessel which is advertised or promoted as being 'for rent' to the general public is deemed to be a commercial venture and as such a commercial mooring registration (and associated fee) is required. If you would anticipate offering your vessel for rent to the general public through direct promotion or via advertisers, you should contact the marina office to arrange for the commercial mooring registration form.

  6. Parking (longer term) is available in other areas of Mahone Bay. Boaters using the Launch ramp and/or other Registered Marina Users who plan to be away for more than two consecutive days should contact the marina attendant for information on off-site parking. Parking at the Civic Marina is increasingly limited, particularly on weekends.

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